Overview on Ghost Movies

Ghost movies can never go out of fashion. Ghost movies are guaranteed to keep you awake under your blankets all night. They make you worry and make you turn your room lights on in the middle of the night. Ghost movies have unique ghostly characters designed to keep you at the seat ends till the end of the film. These characters keep haunting you and your mind for a few days after you watch them. There are quite a lot of famous ghost or horror movies in town that has grabbed many awards. Do watch them if you love Horror movies. Check the list below.

Thirteen Best Ghost Movies

  1. The Haunting 1963 - This movie is an adaptation of the classic British novel by Shirley Jackson. In this movie, an investigator invites a group of people to a haunted house, and the picturing is horrifying and scary.

  2. The Shining 1980 - Stephen King novel is taken as a movie and is one of the scariest movies. Jack Torrance is a frustrated writer who moves along with his family to a far away hotel and takes up a job as an off-season caretaker. His son gets psychic visions of the hotel's horrific past, and the end of the movie is too good.

  3. The Sixth Sense 1999 - A little boy who is able to see dead people is helped by a psychologist who copes with his own ghosts. The ending of the movie takes to a way new meaning. It is a classic novel debut by M. Night Shyamalan.

  4. The Others 2001 - Nicole Kidman classic is made into a movie where a woman moves with her two children after World War II to a remote place and meets many strange events with unbelievable twists.

  5. Paranormal Activity 2007 - This is a micro-budget horror movie made with a home video camera where a young couple suspects that their own home is haunted and sets recording equipment to find out. The film is fast and scary.

  6. The Ring 2002 - This is an American remake of a Japanese horror movie. Naomi Watts is an investigative journalist and whoever watches the cursed videotape will die within seven days.

  7. The Orphanage 2007 - This lovely ghost story is about Laura who goes back to the orphanage that grew her up to an adult. She plans to turn the building abandoned for a long time into a house for disabled kids, but things turn gross when her adopted son goes missing, and the building's past gets revealed.

  8. The Innocents 1961 - It is a British psychological thriller movie. The two children bought up by a governess is possessed by ghosts, and she loses her mind.

  9. Poltergeist 1982 - This is a favourite American horror movie where a girl starts to converse with demons and is abducted by spirits as well as the entire family.

  10. The Conjuring 2013 - This movie was followed by two more Annabelle and The Nuns. Ed and Lorraine Warren help a family whose farmhouse gets haunted.

  11. The Fog 1980 - A mysterious fog descends California with a series of events by maritime ghosts. Good Luck!

  12. The Amity Ville Horror 1979 - This is real life Amityville horror where the Lutz family moves to Amityville in Long Island where a man had murdered six of his family members earlier. Does it sound interesting?

  13. The Changeling 1980 - A composer movies to Seattle after the death of wife and daughter into a creepy mansion which was vacant for many years.