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Many people think that ghosts are the spirits of deceased persons, and that only people have spirits (or souls) which can continue after physical death. What then, are we to make of the reports of the ghosts of pets and other animals? Did these animals somehow acquire a bit of spirit from their lifelong close association with humans? Do animals have spirits of their own? Other possibilities include reincarnation, non-human or demonic spirits appearing as animals, and simple misidentification.

Early historical and legendary reports of ghost animals were often evil, or harbingers of doom. The Grim, hellhounds, ghostly black cats, the Barghest, and others are fearsome specters who frighten or assault travelers. Another legend tells of large black ghost dogs which protect cemeteries, particularly slave cemeteries in the Southern U. S.

Although there are modern reports of hellhounds and their ilk, contemporary reports of ghost animals seem to more often be departed pets. Dogs, cats, horses, and even pet birds have been seen, heard, smelled, or felt after their passing by their former owners. Animal Ghost

Pet owners report that the sounds of claws clicking on the floor or the jingle of a familiar set of tags herald the return of a beloved dog. Cats seem to return more commonly as a physical presence; their owners report feeling the cat lying next to them in bed, but when they look there is nothing there. These experiences can happen anytime, watching television, reading a book, going over your homeschool lesson plans or even in the shower.

Ghost horses are also reported, but in death as in life they seem to need company. The infamous headless horseman is a well-known example, but horses also return to carry the ghosts of soldiers and to pull ghostly carriages and coaches.

Ghostly animals are not entirely confined to pets. In England, the last bear to be killed in the Verdley Woods is said to haunt the area. Buxton, England has a ghostly wolf that is reported to be able to move at fantastic speeds. Stampede Mesa, Texas, reportedly has a herd of ghostly stampeding cattle.

If you're interested in seeing an animal ghost, there are places to go. There was a time when seeing a ghost would make a person run to a doctor of LASIK Denver or elsewhere to make sure their eyes were fine. Now, animal ghosts are becoming popular attractions, possibly because they are less threatening to some than the ghosts of people.

The Capitol Building, Washington D.C., USA, has a Demon Cat that reportedly appears before national disasters. It was seen prior to the stock market crash of 1929, and prior to Kennedy's assassination in 1963. Arkansas' Crescent Hotel features a ghostly tabby named Morris, and Rudolph Valentino's Great Dane, Kabar, is said to haunt Los Angeles' pet cemetery. The Whaley House Museum in San Diego, CA has a ghost dog, and ghostly soldiers on ghost horses are reported at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

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